Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gay + Rap = Gap

In explosive new memoirs to be released this week, Terrance Dean will shed light on the gay subculture allegedly thriving in hip hop's notoriously macho community. Dean, a former MTV executive and openly gay man, hopes that coming forth with his own experiences will encourage other gay industry insiders to come out of the closet. He said the pervasiveness of homophobia in rap lyrics is not only wrong, but it defies the party roots of the music.

So, given the release of his book it is predicted that the homophobic veneer of the rap game may soon be tarnished. While not mentioning actual names, Dean alludes to mainstream rap artists who, despite appearing hard in public, are actually equally hard in private (what a pun). The industry is in an uproar prior to its release...who on earth will come out next?

So here's some fun for you...who in the rap industry do you think is gay? Your choices:

Eminem (Public Relations stunts aren't always successful)

Lil Wayne (what the fuck?)

P Diddy (or whatever his current name is)

Kanye West (remember the uproar over the desperate housewives neighbours)

Let us know your thoughts. But really, after looking at these pictures are you actually surprised? Honestly.


Danielle said...

I'm pretty excited for this book to come out. Kanye is a 'mo for sure.

THE Captain said...

Where's Eminem's other hand in that picture?