Sunday, May 4, 2008

Penguin 'Phoque'ing

A frustrated (aren't they all), sexually inexperienced young male seal was caught trying to have sex with a king penguin. The R-Kelly styled bump n' grind took place over 45 mins on Marion Island in the Antarctic, and was filmed by South African scientists.

The 100kg seal vanquished the 15kg penguin by laying on it. The penguin flapped its flippers in an attempt to escape but was unable to break free.

At first glance, the scientists originally thought the seal was killing the penguin but soon then realized the seal was just getting nasty.

The seal eventually gave up the effort after 45 minutes of thrusting. The scientists report the seal then jumped into the water (without leaving cab fare), completely ignoring the penguin it had just violated.

Read more at BBC

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THE Captain said...

Wow, simply wow. First off, I've heard the sequel, Pounding Penguin Peet Vol. 2-Redux is far superior.

I also love that the "Sex Crimes" tag gets oh so much use...unnerving really