Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attention Shoppers: New Cobain kicks to match that Che tee-shirt!

If Kurt Cobain was known for only one thing, it would no doubt be his fashion sense. As such, his grunge-y jeans and unwashed everything have made such a lasting impression that two competing shoe companies are pimping his image.

First up: Converse Shoes -
Connectivity Campaign

Converse will be releasing a line of shoes in honour of the late musician, who was wearing his own ratty pair when he committed suicide in April 1994. The new shoes are distressed, designed with notable lyrics and patterned with sketches taken from his notebooks.

The new shoes are a part of Converse' Connectivity campaign which also uses the likeness of other iconic figures, that although dead, surely wouldn't mind participating. I've heard that Sid Vicious and Hunter S. Thompson were real team players.

Doc Martens: Made to last...

Last Spring, Doc Martens released images of several iconic musicians wearing their boots in heaven - implying the boots were "made to last". Also appearing in the ads are Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone and Sid Vicious.

How calm the creative waters must be in the shoes industry, that companies would not only procure the image of a famed "outsider", but do it at the same time as another brand. Personally, I think this is all bullshit - everyone knows Birkenstocks are standard issue in Heaven. (On a side note, good to see Sid there).

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