Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blair's a Busy Beaver

Tony Blair, it has just been announced, will head up an international task force charged with securing a global deal on climate change that is suitable to both the US and China, the world's two largest polluters.

This role will be held in conjunction with the former U.K. Prime Minister's post as Envoy to the Middle East for the U.N., EU, United States and Russia, as well as his recently confirmed teaching job at Yale (where his son, coincidentally enough, is on a full scholarship).

In any available spare time, Blair said, he will continue working on a time machine to change that whole Iraq thing.

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THE Captain said...

It would seem to me that Blair is just doing his best ClintObaMcCain impression...if they can jet set the country while, technically, representing the interests of New York, Illinois and Arizona, T-Beezy can do it too