Monday, March 24, 2008

Zimbabwean Economics 101

Much has been said in the news about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe. But, come on now, really? Remember, this is Robert Mugabe's country, so relativism reigns.

For example, early reports claim that over three million extra ballots have already been printed for March 29's nation-wide vote. Yet, after crunching the numbers I see absolutely no problem with this. In fact, it makes perfect fiscal sense.

In a country with an inflation rate estimated at over 150,000% those pre-printed ballots will only be worth one-half a 2005 rigged election vote by Wednesday. And by Saturday - if you even bother to partake in the election - your ballot will be worth one-third a vote in a Rhodesian election, circa 1975.

If only Canada had as many enticing political options in its elections.

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