Friday, March 14, 2008

Remember Cuba?

The quaint Texas town of Yuma has abandoned fence-building in its efforts to blunt the growing tide of illegal immigrants flowing over its border with Mexico. Instead, it has announced, it will replenish a dried-up, two-mile section of the Colorado River bed, effectively creating a moat.

If the proposal is carried out, immigrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. would have to contend with two levees made from excavated soil and a 20 m. wide, 3m. deep channel extending down the middle of a 120 m. wide wetland area.

Supporters of the plan point to the moat's potential environmental benefits and crime-reduction capacity as its key selling features. Its ingenuity, relative to the fencing alternative, is also a major bonus.

Yet, does anyone at the Yuma City Hall remember Cuba? Are there not some lessons to be learned here about Hispanic immigrants, imposed water barriers and the results?

People build fucking rafts! Hillary Clinton will probably win a mail-in ballot soon because of them.

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THE Captain said...

Cleary the Yuma politicians are in bed with GE (what else is new), they're just looking for their own Elian Gonzalez so that they can get exclusive interviews for Dateline and CNBC...