Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bear-ly Legal

A Macedonian court recently convicted a bear of theft and criminal charges for stealing honey from a beekeeper. The trifling B swindled honey despite the beekeeper’s attempts to keep him away with techno-music and a light show powered by a generator.

"I tried to distract the bear with lights and music because I heard bears are afraid of that," Mr Kiseloski told his local newspaper.

"So I bought a generator, lit up the area and put on songs.”

Unfortunately for Kiseloski (and Macedonian taxpayers), the bear continued to steal honey. The beekeeper then resorted to the next logical step, pressing criminal charges.

After being found guilty, the court ordered the state to pay 140,000 denars on behalf of the bear for damage caused to the beehives.

Although the bear showed up to court, he had to be forcibly removed after flashing gang signs and repeatedly exposing himself to the audience in the courtroom.

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