Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First Post

Friends, Family, Strangers, Classmates and Lovers - a diverse, hopefully growing cohort.

This is the first post to a blog I only trust may flourish at your fingertips. It will burn bright, flicker and one day die, sending sarcastic plumes billowing into the night sky. The likes of Larry Craig, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson will drift, forever immortalized by a cooling breeze. But like an Indian funeral, no one will cry at the pyre (and no one will wear gold or be sent to ashrams). So, let us start this sarcasm off by celebrating a budding life.

How novel!

Regarding content, a left-leaning fire this publication will prove; however, I assure that the shifting winds of good sense and open-mindedness will forever fill the sails. If an issue demands pragmatism, so be it. Besides, editorial partisanship went out with Fox News and the CMAJ - a sense of humour is our new caucus. This blog is Barack Obama with actual credentials.

Like a California wildfire consensus on topics will shift without warning, sending illegal immigrants and Hollywood Republicans scrabbling, somehow in the same direction. A witty pun forces me to add that these postings will solidify ties as opposed to building fences. Laugh if you must.

When it's all over this blog will collectively amount to another banal drip in the blogosphere's meaningless bucket - a collection of cultural observations, inside political jokes, sarcastic economic insight and celebrity mockery of the most grandiose proportions. What you can expect is a tongue-in-cheek, elbow-your-kid-brother, slap-your-grandmother's fragile knees commentary. The things you wish were parenthesized in the papers: the spin. Albeit cliche, this will be real, endlessly raw and purposefully not PC.

Everything written here - when standing at your work water cooler, sitting at the lunch table or driving the family auto - will prove more handy than capped. A daily gift to you.

Every class hour, free minute or random second this blog will be updated. It will be current, forever unpredictable and - I hope - inherently cutting.

Enjoy, tell friends and comment freely.
Gord and Danielle.

1 comment:

THE Captain said...

As a 4 time attempted blogger, I give you this warning with all sincerity...you will likely see your levels of hygiene plummett faster than the $US...and you'll become more more of an outcast than Kuccinich at an NWA concert...