Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chuck Norris appears on student's "Hit List" - Best thing to happen to his carreer in years

A New Jersey teen was charged with making terrorist threats yesterday after his high school teacher found a hit list written on a piece of loose leaf paper. The list featured the names of 3 students, a school staff member, and actor Chuck Norris.

The teacher turned the sheet over to authorities immediately, and the high school kid was charged but not jailed. Authorities are still unsure if the student intended to murder those named on the list.

Chuck Norris couldn't be reach for a comment - which is pretty surprising, considering his days are likely filled with tearful memories of a more fruitful career.

Norris is better known for his lead role on the hit(?) show Walker, Texas Ranger, and the author of all those ridiculous Chuck Norris facts.

Chuck Norris would appear on a high school student's hit list - hell, he'd go to the opening of an envelope. Thats likely why he came out in support of Huckabee; he needed the fresh air.

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