Monday, April 7, 2008

Run for the Border...Drunk

Forever the clever marketer, Absolut Vodka has recently run into hot water over an advert it briefly ran in Mexico.

The controversial poster, shown below, depicts North America prior to the Mexican-American war of 1848. At that time Mexico held the territories constituting present-day Texas, California and other South-Western states.

Certain right-wing groups in the United States have called for an immediate boycott of the popular vodka brand. Citing ongoing illegal immigration issues, they claim now is not the time for border security to be taken lightly. Conversely, other U.S. citizens have embraced the ad, saying Mexico legally claims rights to the land in the first place.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of people in the debate's middle ground are merely left to reflect. Contemplating what it would be like if the ads were perhaps foreshadowing the future, a sobering realization emerged:

Absolut World = Every Californian fast food restaurant imploding, followed by an earthquake of Hollywood patio collapses.

Keep drinking. Cheers.

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