Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sly or Rocky?

Today in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton referenced Rocky Balboa when speaking to calls for her to drop out of the Democratic presidential primary contest. "Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people," Clinton said.

Apparently, Clinton forgot to think through the comparison fully. Sylvestor Stallone, the actor playing Rocky since the first film's debut in 1976, is now the quintessential example of someone who should have given up his trade long ago. Arrested in 2006 at an Australian airport for steroid posession, at over 60 he is still making action films best suited for men half his age.

Hillary, do you really want this race to sag so low??

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THE Captain said...

Also, don't forget that Rocky didn't win at the end of the first one...