Friday, April 4, 2008

Sweet, now I can really pretend to be Dudley Do-Right…

Luckily it is still illegal to buy a taser in Canada. At the same time - in their own PSA sort-of way - the Toronto Sun tells us that there are “a shocking number of websites that will tell you how to make one.”

A student from Flesherton, just North of Toronto, used such a website to supe-up a backyard bug zapper, effectively making it an “electro-shock device.” Ever the entrepreneur, the student subsequently sold the home-made stun gun to another lad for $20. The authorities then became involved, albeit briefly, when a teacher saw the contraption in the hall and confiscated it. We say "law enforcement" was involved briefly because, in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act, discipline of the students was put in the hands of the school. What a legacy, Martin.

Personally, I had never thought about turning a bug zapper into a taser. Now, after reading this, thankfully I know where to find out how. Maybe it's time to join the RCMP and start a landed immigrant welcoming committee (too soon?).

P.S. Writing this post just made me think about the RCMP for a quick second. The idea of quickly joining our National force isn't that far fetched - there are currently posters on the subway advertising career opportunities with the Mounties. Imagine that were the case with the FBI. Impossible. Just think about that folks, the subway. Goodnight.

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