Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Insert Joke Here:

This past weekend, the Coachella alternative music festival featured a spirited performance by British rock legends, Pink Floyd. During the song "Pigs on the Wing," a giant inflatable pig (pictured above) floated above the crowd, creating a memorable spectacle. Tethered to the ground by ropes, the pig featured a ballot box checked for Obama and the words "fear builds walls" and "don't be led to the slaughter." As well, a cartoon of Uncle Sam holding two meat cleavers sealed its stern political message.

Unfortunately, due to technical malfunctions, the two bus-length pig floated away and was lost. It was later recovered when found lying over two families' driveways, in nearby La Quinta. The families shared the $10,000 and four lifetime Coachella tickets offered for its return.

So here's what you have to work with:

Metaphor - Obama's rapidly deflating campaign
Conspiracy - Hillary got the Mexicans to sabotage the Pig
Current Events - Jeremiah Wright shot down the pig with fiery black liberation rhetoric
Current Events - The Inventor of LSD just died; in turn, so did the relevance of Pink Floyd
Racism - Something about the pig getting caught up on barbed wire or getting burnt by maquiladora smoke

Submit your best one liners this week...

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Gord said...

$10,000 is nothing to the Tiajuna cartel....