Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something for the Zoophiliacs

My Wall Street Journal is a parody magazine of the Wall Street Journal written by Terry Jones, Toney Hendra, writers from the Onion, SNL and the Daily Show (among others).

Not everyone seems to be in on the joke - the New York Times reports that a Wall Street Journal representative frantically tried to hide the magazine from the public by buying up the early copies released in Los Angeles last week. The rep visited a local magazine shop and purchased every copy of the magazine with a corporate American Express card. The vendor immediately recognized the rep as an employee of the WSJ, who frequently hands out promotional SWAG (coin boxes, stickers, bags, etc.)

The satirical magazine features a full-page spread of a topless Ann Coulter, a gossip page called "Page Sex", an "Obitcharies" section, and tons of headlines. The last edition of the magazine was released in 1982, entitled Off the Wall Street Journal.

Check out the site.

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