Sunday, April 6, 2008

Richard Gere for Liberal Leader!

Last month, the Liberals nearly lost a stronghold riding in a Vancouver area by-election. Joyce Murray squeaked out a win by under 1000 votes, compared to a margin of victory over 12 times that in 2006. The Conservative party, evidently, is gaining ground in the Lower Mainland. Party officials are growing concerned.

The Solution? Employ Richard Gere to moonlight at public appearances for Stephane Dion.

Given their similar physical appearances and Gere's in-depth understanding of the East Indian community and its culture, it's a sure-fire bet. Think about it: the party will finally combine good looks, discernible English and an animal-friendly (pro-gerbil) platform. This will obviously appeal to a vast majority of voters in the event of a Federal election. A Liberal Canada-wide resurgance is certainly on the horizon....Here's what we can expect if they follow our suggestion.

Look at "Stephane" charm that crowd!!! A Trudeau in the making?

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THE Captain said...

I was really hoping you were going to go with the Stephen King(top left) quote Colonel Kurtz, "the horror, the horror"