Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So the Ontario Ministry of Finance is Officially...

…hip and multicultural?!

In our continuing quest to gather health care expenditure information, the Finance Department's 2008 budget website proved incredibly fruitful. And to boot, boy was it ever ethnically diverse!!! At the bottom of the page (pictured above), it is revealed to the keen observer that financial information is available in 16 different languages. Plus, one can even notify friends about the Ontario budget's most minute details via Facebook, or Alternatively, the biggest immigrant keeners can sign up for budget updates for their RSS and Newsvine feeds.

In unrelated news, the budget highlights $15 million spent on “Miscellaneous Budget 2008 Technical Expenses - Department of Finance.” Outsourcing trendiness sure is a bitch. Mmmmmm bye (bad joke).

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