Friday, April 4, 2008

It's What Grandpa Would Have Wanted, Son

A memorial service, a somber time. An opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life. Recant warm memories. Poetry readings. Sing the deceased's favourite songs. Then show pornographic images - and groping, superfluous amounts of groping.

Wait, WHAT!?! Back that logical train up two stops.

Seriously, that’s what apparently happens in Colorado.

Upon entering the apartment, Marlos Hernandez, 31, went first to the kitchen and put his arm around the deceased woman's teenage sister "as if to comfort her.” But the woman told officers it made her uncomfortable…Then he reached down and grabbed one of her breasts.

Groping teenagers. You stay classy Colorado.

Hernandez then went near a display of pictures and memories of the deceased and pulled out a cell phone. The mother thought he was going to take a picture of the shrine with his cell phone, but he showed the mother a pornographic picture instead.

Though Bill O’Reilly was not asked for a comment, one can only imagine it would have sounded something akin to this.

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