Monday, April 14, 2008

Ebay Buy of the Week!

Act now and you could be the lucky winner of a Harvest Cheddar flavoured Sun Chip shaped like a vagina!

Someone obviously has a sense of humor. Read the description below.


You could be the proud bidder and winner of this unique whole grain chip! Named after its likeness, the Vajayjay Sun Chip was found by the seller during a snack session on the couch after her long, hard day at work one March evening. The seller took one look at said chip and knew that its fate lie not in her digestive system like the rest of the bag of Harvest Cheddar goodness, but adorning the wall of some proud American who could someday look up to Vajayjay and say, "I knew I'd find you one day, my love!"

Thanks to the wonderful ways of Ebay, I'd like to bring this chip to your doorstep, that you may be united at last.

To properly honor, protect and display Vajayjay Sun Chip, I have mounted, matted and framed her in a shadow box where she can be adored from multiple angles, for many years to come. No additives or sprays have been used, but some heavy duty glue does keep her affixed to the paper behind her. The box has hanging apparatus on the back for your convenience. You can start pounding the nail in your wall right after you bid! Also on the back, you'll find a label stating "Vajayjay Sun Chip, (Harvest Cheddar), Discovered 3/08 by JHaven."

Give Vajayjay a nice home. Happy bidding!

**Please Note: This chip is inedible and is intended for display purposes only. It's art!

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